What's In Your Water?

If you live in the city or surrounding areas you are likely on municipal water, the other choice would be well water. Both have pluses and minuses. About 2% of the city water is for home use. The rest is for industrial or municipal use. Your water is treated to a high standard likely but it still has to travel through miles and miles of pipe to reach your home. This provides ample opportunity for containments to get into your water supply. Odors, rust, and other items can infiltrate that water.

If you are on a well there are over 30,000 pesticides that could potentially end up in your well water. Millions of gallons of polluted chemical wastes are dumped into our environment every year. Now with fracking, mining, and other industrial processes taking place even more harmful and dangerous chemicals are being added to the ground water yearly.

We at King Water will take the time to sit down with you analyses your water, isolate the issues and dangers and provide a complete solution for safe great tasting water that you do not have to worry about for the health of your family. And at the same time we can save you money on costs by allowing you to use less detergents and cleansers.

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