About King Pure Water

Hello, my name is Ken King. I'm the owner of King Pure Water. I've been in the water industry since 1997. I have treated a lot of horrible wells in the past 17 years, wells that run orange and smell so strong of rotten eggs it will make you sick. I’ve treated hard water that exceeded 100 grains hard, which is 10 times the normal average of city water. I enjoy helping people fix their water problems without breaking the bank. I decided to start my own company because I was tired of seeing companies taking advantage of their customers by charging too much and then not honoring their warranties or servicing the equipment that they install.

So I wanted to make water treatment affordable to everyone and provide clean, refreshing water for every household. Regardless, if you have city water or well water, I can make your water the best tasting water you’ve ever had. Honesty is our number one policy!

The Family Behind King Pure Water

King Pure Water is a locally family owned company. I, Ken King, am the president/owner of King Pure Water. I've been in the water treatment industry for over 17 years. I've treated water in the Midwest and have brought my experience to East Tennessee to help others. I've been treating water in East Tennessee for over seven years now.

I am married to my amazing wife, Julie, and we have three wonderful children. We are very blessed to be able to help others with their water problems. My kids love to help others as well, so I'm sure King Pure Water will be around for years to come. You couldn't ask for a better place to live or to raise your children. It would be a blessing if you would let our family help your family with your water needs. My family and I thank you in advance for letting us serve you. Contact us right now and we will schedule you for a free water evaluation by clicking the button below.

As a Christian family and businessman, my word is my honor. I promise to treat your family with dignity and honesty.

Owner Ken King