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welcome to King Pure Water

Water Softeners

Let us provide you with water the way nature intended free of harmful unwanted contaminates..

Reverse Osmosis

Bad water, water that smells, dirty unclear water. We make it crystal clear with a clean fresh taste.

Filtered Systems

Our water filtration systems remove chlorine, bad tastes odors and harmful chemicals from water.

King Pure Water Softener

King Pure Water Commercial Water Solutions

King pure water also specializes in commercial water filtration not to many water companies work with commercial water treatment because it can be a big challenge. We have done several commercial water softeners and commercial reverse osmosis systems. The process on sizing a commercial system requires much more time to spec out and must be done accurately most of the time you are dealing with a very high flow rate and you have to make sure the system will meet that demand especially during the time the system needs to clean itself. we have commercial systems for any water need weather it is hard water high iron chlorine removal or if we need medical grade water for a hospital application we can meet are customers needs and at a unbeatable price and with the best water system you can buy..

If you have a distillery brewery or a hospital we have a great commercial reverse osmosis system. They range from 50 gallons per day to 50,000 gallons per day these units are made rite here in the USA so we can always get parts for them and not waiting weeks for the parts to get here from another country. Are reverse osmosis systems are custom built as well to the customers specific needs and potential growth so they are built to last. We also have reverse osmosis systems for those who want to have reverse osmosis through out the entire house we have done this application in the past and there for you have the best water all through out your house. We can also change the reverse osmosis water to alkaline water and give it a higher PH a lot of people like this water to help prevent sickness.

Here at King Pure Water it doesn’t matter what size the commercial job is or how big the water system has to be we can build you a system that will meet your needs wit out breaking the bank so you can get the best quality water for your application. We have treated many boiler applications so the boiler will not have any calcium build up in it and pass inspection. So the next time you have a need for commercial water filtration give us a call and we can send one of are commercial technicians to you and help you with your project. We also service all makes and models of commercial units if you have a system that is in need of repair or maintenance give us a call we would love to help with any of your water needs.

King Pure Water Softener

King Pure Water Softener, Conditioner, Filtration

Thank you for considering King Pure Water for all of your water needs. We have many systems to choose from regardless of the problem you are having with your water. We customize systems for every customer’s needs.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the same quality of water. Do you have itchy, dry skin? Does your hair feel dry and frizzy? Do you wash your white clothes and they come out dingy or orange? Does your water smell like rotten eggs?

Our goal at King Pure Water is to treat your water correctly the first time, while taking care of the customer as well. We strive to give an accurate diagnosis of the problem and be clear of the estimated costs, saving you valuable time and money. We stand behind our products and honor their warranties. You will not find any better service anywhere. Click the button below and contact us today for a free evaluation of your water.

We pride ourselves on our service, providing service on all makes and models of water treatment equipment, both residential and commercial. Our systems are affordable and simply the best in the water industry; our prices can not be beat!

We offer a free, no obligation, in home water test and quote. There will be NO high pressure sales.

KING PURE Water Solutions

Models to fit any budget, residential or commercial


We don't just sell water solutions, we live eat and breath it. Ken King has been in the water purification and softener business most of his adult life. The reason he started Ken King Pure Water was because he felt he could offer a better solution at a fair price and with a dedication that most others just say they have. For Ken it is not about making a new sale it is actually is about making your families life better and safer while saving you money. Give us a call at 865-266-9566 or fill out our free estimate form. We'll come out to your house and take a look at the water issues you have, find out what you're looking for then come up with a cost effective solution. Want to speak to us about your water needs click the button below

Commercial Water Solutions


"It's my intention to share our recent experience with King Pure Water. We recently moved to the Wears Valley area. One of the first things our new neighbors told us was "Don't drink the water". The water in this area contains concentrated amounts of both sulphur and iron. We had been purchasing drinking water at the grocery until we met Ken King at the Wears Valley Fair. He explained to us how his system effectively could remove those elements from our water without the use of chemicals! We made an appointment and even received special Wears Valley Fair pricing. Ken first came out to test our water and to recommend a system specific to our application. He thoroughly explained how the system works and even offered to let us rent it before committing to the purchase. On installation day, Ken arrived promptly and had us up and running in no time flat. He also notified us of some flaws in our main water line and recommended the appropriate repairs. Ken is very good at explaining exactly how the system operates. All I can tell you is that it works! We have no trace of iron in our water, and the sulphur smell is completely gone! Obviously, we are pleased with our King Pure Water filtration system and highly recommend it to anyone dealing with rural water issues. Thanks, Ken!"

—Mr Herber

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